New B44 Factory Team Parts


Team Associated have announced the release of their new B44 Factory Team Parts –

B44 Factory Team Cam Motor Mount –

  • 7075 blue anodized aluminum cam design motor mount for the B44
  • Gear mesh adjustments are simplified with cam system
  • Secure clamping system with additional set-screw for extra safety
  • Motor installs easily from the side

B44 Factory Team Aluminum Hubs –

  • 7075 blue anodized aluminum hub with molded camber link tower
  • Available in 0°, 0.5°, 1°, and 1.5° versions
  • Laser etched with letters to note Left or Right side and toe-in degree.
  • Molded camber link tower provides additional security for your investment against broken ball studs.
  • Molded camber link tower “A” has standard holes, and optional “B” tower with in-between options.
  • Uses larger 0.5″ diameter outer bearing for increased durability (not included)
  • Fits B44 without any additional parts.
  • Fits B4, B4.1, T4, T4.1, SC10 with addition of #7935 bearings and #7933 crush tubes.