Futaba T3PM Crawler / Trial Radio


Futaba have announced the release of their new T3PM Crawler / Trial Radio – “The FASST system is a Spread Spectrum system with permanent frequency hopping (FHSS). New variant of the T3PM system now has a crawler mixer function for trial vehicles. The crawler function is knowen as a mixer for the four-wheel-steering. Depending on what is required for the terrain, a mixer function allows the front and rear axles to be articulated in the same or in opposite directions. No crystal, no channel settings, no same channel interference – these are the big advantages of FASST-technology. Thanks to Spread Spectrum-modulation, frequency-hopping and the code-tying of transmitter to receiver using more than 4.2 billion codes, almost free from interference. Modern casing design with ergonomically positioned controls and setup elements. Large 100-segment LCD screen to provide a clear display of function settings.”

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