Richard Volta Takes Rd3 in France


Shepherd reports – “Last weekend the 3rd round of the French Nationals was held at the Circuit Carole in Aulnay near Paris. In total 60 drivers attended the race, among them was former European B Champion and Team Shepherd driver Richard Volta. During free practise he was already very satisfied with his Velox V8. Also in the qualifying he showed an excellent performance clocking the fastest lap and being the only driver to reach 25 laps. The final was a close affair. At the start Volta could defend his first position and increased his lead in the following minutes. Unfortunately after the tyre change he had a collision and for the rest of the race his Velox was a little bit unstable. But he fighted really hard and defended his lead until the finishing line. Christophe Louis followed on the second place only 0,7 sec behind, Gerald Colinet finished on 3rd place 2 laps down. Volta had the following to say: “It was a hard race because after the tyre change it was really difficult to drive but I kept on fighting and managed to take home the victory. Me, my father and my mother are very happy and I would like to thank Team Shepherd for the support.””