New ProTek R/C Super Pro 40 Power Supply


“A Main Hobbies have announced the release of the new ProTek R/C Super Pro 40 power supply which is a regulated DC Power Supply with USB Charging Port and a total of five power supply outputs! This is the same as their super powerful “Pro 40” power supply, with the addition of four individual 16 Amp outputs, each individually switched, allowing you to easily operate all your equipment from one power supply! This eliminates the added expense and hassle of a separate distribution box! Using Switch Mode technology, the ProTek R/C “Super Pro 40” Power Supply provides a higher level of efficiency and reduces the overall weight and size of the power supply compared to other systems with similar features. In addition, the smooth output current makes the “Super Pro 40” ideal for any item that requires a 40 Amp, 12V power source. The “Super Pro 40″ power supply also includes a built in USB Charging Port, which will allow you to charge any USB device conveniently at your work space.”

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