LRP SXX StockSpec – Too Powerful for Stock?


LRP reports – “It’s rumbling inside the scene. Latest speed controllers provide extreme high top speeds in stock classes. “Is that still Stock?” – this is what many racers wonder about. It’s a dilemma. On one hand, stock drivers don’t want to pass on modern technologies. On the other, latest speed controllers provide an amount of power which almost lifts them up to modified level. For sure, the LRP StockSpec is on top at this point which has been proven by countless victories in the latest past (LRP TCM, DMC DM Indoor Sport, all (!) ETS races in this season). Its power has brought speeds to the stock classes which were unimaginable in the past. Too much for many drivers and organizers. Further on, the optimal setup of the controller varies a lot depending on different motors and track sizes. For many drivers, it’s not possible to invest such a high amount of time to find the perfect setup. This leads to completely different performances of the cars which is against the spirit of stock classes.”

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