The Arrival of the Axial XR10


For some time now we knew that Axial were releasing something big, but details were kept quiet. Until Now… Axial are proud to announce the release of their all new crawler, the XR10 which they claim to be only the beginning. Full details can be found here.


  • Complete “no-compromise” competition ready kit
  • All new front and rear specific strong durable composite plastic, lightweight axles.
  • Low profile axle housing design for maximum ground clearance.
  • Front steering axle with the ability to rotate (clock) the motor up/down.
  • Rear axle is 16mm narrower than the front axle to squeeze through tight gate layouts.
  • All New Behind the Axle (BTA) Steering *pat. pend.
  • Enclosed steering slide with turnbuckles to adjust toe in and toe out.
  • 8° kingpin angle helps keep scrub radius to a minimum, which equals less stress on your steering servo.
  • Durable composite plastic – strong double shear knuckle arms with replaceable aluminum draw link mount.
  • Splined adjustable c-hubs provide caster adjustments in 15° increments.