Durango reports from Robin Hood Raceway


“The BRCA National event calendar moved onto the Robin Hood Raceway (RHR) venue for the 2nd round of the BRCA National Championships. The weather was forecast to be much more settled than the 2wd event the day before. The entry was full at 120 drivers (with reserves waiting in the wings) proving that the 1/10th off road scene is strong in the UK. The team had had a good test day at the venue in April, (the weather on that day was much more akin to summer than April though!) Set-ups had been posted on the website giving any Durango owner the chance to get the set-ups the team had worked on to their car. After practice everyone seemed happy with their car, only making minor tweaks to their set-up as the track temperature was colder than the test day so the grip level wasn’t as high.”

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