LRP VTEC 8th High-Response Tyre Inserts


VTEC releases a new 1/8 buggy high-response insert for competition 1/8 offroad racing drivers. The new insert is developed using the latest 1/8 offroad foam material, generating increased traction and durable performance to the tyres. The new strong VTEC foam insert features grooved outside channels to perfectly fit into the tyres stability ribs, minimizing the flex and slipping between the tyres and the insert.

Features –
• Optimised fit, fills the complete tyre – no air between tyre and insert
• Grooved outside channels to perfectly fit into the tyres ribs. This eliminates the inside of the tyres to slip on top of the insert
• Optimal controllability, perfect balanced rotation, maximum traction and direct driving response
• Very strong material – can be used several times
• Waterproof and extremely lightweight