Sakura Zero 1/10 EP TC Review – Part 4


Test Drive –

The first meeting, we run on an indoor running track at don valley stadium in Sheffield which is a rubberised carpet and more like racing on tarmac than on carpet, anyone who has done the BIWS will know what I mean. There are long jump pits on the track so it is very sandy at the start of the evening with the grip coming up as the night goes on I was only to get 2 races due to time constraints on myself. The first practise run the back end of the car was lively but this was more due to the sand than anything else as most cars were the same so I left the set up alone, apart from the gearing as it was slow on the straight on 25t pinion and 80t spur the main issue is the fact I am running my Losi Exceleron 13.5 which has no timing on it and the suggested ratio is 4.5:1 and the kit gearing being nearer 6:1 I was always going to be under geared. I managed to get a 74t spur gear from the trackside shop that I could modify to fit and also changed to a 28t pinion, then went back out nearer to the first round of racing. The second practise run was a lot better but still a little loose the speed being a lot nearer the other cars although I had decided on turning off the turbo mode on the esc for practice and the first round of racing.

The first round of racing saw me finish in 4th place 2 laps off the pace on 20 laps in 311 with the back end of the car still a little loose. So for the second round I changed the rear springs from the kit to some Tamiya whites that I had with me also turning on the turbo mode on the esc. This was a mistake with the springs as the back end became even looser but the straight line speed was equal to the best from the first round giving me second place with 22 laps in 306 but only 4 seconds off the pace that was the end of the nights racing for me. So to sum up my first thoughts on the Sakura. It is very well made except the servo saver very easy to build and very promising on my first time out with it, and given a few more meetings to get the set up how I want it I am sure I will be setting the pace. The Sakura felt a lot better on my first time out with it than my Xray T2009 did, being the first car I have run at Don Valley with a spool in that i have felt comfortable driving and not wanting to put a diff in the front straight away.

Reviewed By Martyn Peachey. RC-Area would like to thank Martyn Peachey and Abe-Racing for their support by providing us with this review!

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