Sakura Zero 1/10 EP TC Review – Part 3


I am though glad to say that the turnbuckles assemble a lot easier than on the F109 being nowhere near as tight to thread the ball joint ends onto the turnbuckle. The anti roll bars are pretty much a standard fitting being very similar to the ones on both the Xray T2 series and Tamiya TRF415’s. Next came the building of the shocks which are of a now standard type with threaded shock bodies and similar to Tamiya TRF shocks in design and assembly. The only slight problem I have found is you do not get a choice of piston in the kit it only comes with a 3 hole one where normally you would have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 holes to choose from. Other than that they are very smooth in operation and will be easily adjustable for the amount of rebound you want to set. Both front and rear shocks have two positions for mounting on the wishbone while the rears have 8 positions and the fronts have 5 positions on the shock tower.

For the electrics I have installed my Futaba Servo, Team Wave RB50 ESC running the RBS firmware and my trusty Losi 13.5 motor. I have started with a 25 tooth pinion on the kit standard 80 tooth spur on 48dp giving a ratio of 6.08 : 1. I also run KO Esprit III Universe 2.4Ghz radio gear and it all fits in with plenty of room to spare.

The kit servo saver is the same one as in the F109 whilst being of the same design as the Tamiya High Torque it is not as good the plastic in my opinion being too soft so I have fitted a Tamiya one, as I had one in my pit box but I am sure any other similar servo saver would fit. My base set up which I use on all new cars will be been put onto the Sakura which is 1.5 degrees of negative camber all round parallel front wheels (no toe in or out), the rear toe in is fixed, 5mm droop all round and 5mm ride height. The shocks however with only having the 3 hole piston I have used 50 weight oil all round instead of my normal starting point of 2 holes and 40 weight oil. While the lower shock mounts are on the outer hole at both ends and the top mounts in the centre at the front and the 4th hole in on the rear to start with.

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