Sakura Zero 1/10 EP TC Review – Part 1


My first impressions when I opened the kit was that all the parts look well made and of a good quality and very pink. The boxes for kits are getting smaller with no spare room inside well it helps the environment I suppose. I started with the usual first job of checking the carbon parts for any slight machining imperfections that needed to be filed off, of which there were none on my chassis. Then I filed the battery tape slots to round them off as normal. The next job was to seal the edges of the carbon parts with super glue. Next up was the assembly of the rear diff centre gear assembly and front spool. The rear diff went together easily feeling very smooth once assembled, the spool is also a simple process to build these are then put to one side ready for fitting in the chassis later on in the assembly process.

The centre gear however when assembled is still loose till fitted into the chassis mounts with no screws holding it together till then, so my advice and what I did was to prep the belt pulley gears onto the holders and then finish the assembly when fitting it to the mount otherwise it will come apart wherever you place it till needed. The steering pivot block fits together easily but just be careful of the spacers used as these are a smaller outer diameter to the rest and if you use the wrong ones it will have to be taken back apart and re-done.

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