2010 3rd KM Asia Cup


Below you will find details regarding this year’s 3rd KM Asia Cup –

  • Date: 19th ~ 20th June, 2010
  • Duration: 8:30AM ~ 6:00PM
  • Race Track: Hong Kong TRC Racing Track
  • Website: www.trcracing.org

“(1) Categories:
1/10 GP Touring Car Open Race

(2) Car Model:
Any brands 1/10 scale GP touring car

(3) Competitors: 100 entries

(4) Entry Fee : (Including award party)
1. HKD$300 — Any brand
2. HKD$200 — If 5 kind or more KM Racing optional parts are installed, one set of KM foam type (4pcs) count as one kind. But KM accessories will not be counted.
3. Free entry — using KM H-K1

(5) Competition Mode:
Individual Race

(6) Qualifying Heats:
4 Rounds (each heat 10mins)

(7) Finals
IFMAR “Christmas Tree” System will be introduced for 100 entries. The Top 4 qualifier go straight to the A Main Final. The others will be divided into 2 groups (leg A and leg B) for sub-finals according to their best result in qualifying Heats. The first, second and third place competitors from each sub-finals will promote to upper level sub-finals. (Please refer to the Christmas tree system page for detail)

(8) Prize:
1. KM special made carbon trophies will be awarded to top 30 competitors based on the Final result.
2. Champion, 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up who are driving H-K1 will be awarded with sponsor to the following races :
a. Champion — Sponsor to attend the next FECAR Asia race & 4th KM Asia Cup
b. 1st & 2nd Runner-up sponsor to attend the 4th KM Asia Cup. The 4th KM Asia Cup is planned to be held in Shanghai of China or Tokyo of Japan.
KM factory drivers will fight for the trophies only, but will not fight for the sponsor award.”