New Shepherd Optional Parts


Team Shepherd are happy to introduce to you various new optional parts for the Velox V10

Center body post [ # 500035 ] –

“The center body post can be mounted on the front upper wishbone brackets. The additional stability of the body results in an improved downforce and less bending of the body. The high quality aluminium part is blue anodized and the needed fixing material is included.

One-way / Solid front axle [ # 506200 ] –

Tested successfully at the world-championship warm-up in Houston the one-way / solid front axle combination allows to adjust the Velox V10 to specific track layouts. Without disassembling the front the axle can be changed from a independent one-way axle to a solid axle. The high quality one-way bearings are precisly ground to offer a perfect fit. The set includes pins to lock the one-way, o-rings to secure the pins, the pulley, an additional belt washer and super lightweight outdrives. The outdrivers [ # 506201 ] and the axle [ # 506204 ] are available separately.

Servo Saver Aluminium [ # 507302 ] –

Especially for US-style tracks with hard boards the aluminium servo saver offers the extra stability that is needed and survives even hard crashes. The ackermann can be adjusted very easily by sliding the upper part back and forth like with the standard one. Anodized in shiny blue it fits perfectly to the other aluminium parts.” Shepherd