Xray Dominates Spanish Nationals R1


Xray reports – “New year, new competitions, and the Spanish Nationals arrive again with Round 1 held in Santa Olvia (Barcelona) and 40 drivers ready to win. XRAY was the car to beat , with 4 cars in the A-final in Modified and 3 cars in the A-final in Stock. The weather on Saturday was very bad with a lot of wind, making it difficult to find the right set-up for the track. Fortunately, on Sunday things changed and XRAY drivers were there to battle again for the title this year. In Modified we unfortunately didn´t get the victory but we got 2nd place overall with a large advantage over the 3rd place car.

Final modified results:
1. Marc Esbri
2. Gonzalo Garcia XRAY T3
3. Luis Emilio Crisenti
4. Carlos Fernandez XRAY T3
5. Vicente Eres
6. David Escudero XRAY T3
7. Raul Sancho Bella
8. Francesco Coy XRAY T3
9. Santiago Sabuco Solera
10. Luis Condes”