Vorza Buggy to Take on Guinness World Record!


“Watch the Vorza Flux HP take on the Guinness World Records long jump for radio-control cars on The Gadget Show, premiering at 20:00 on Monday, the 26th of April, on the UK’s Channel Five! This isn’t just a simple matter of launching the car off a big plank: every jump attempt will be in the presence of officials from the Guinness Book of World Records, with official measurements and video replay to check the correct landing. The cars will be driven by The Gadget Show presenters Suzi Perry, Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. So this will not only be a test for the strenght of the cars but also a challenge for the presenters’ driving skills! With several kits from various manufacturers making the attempt, the competition will be fierce and the atmosphere intense!” www.hpiracing.com