Kyosho Ultima RB5 SP2 Edition


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“The new Ultima RB5 SP2 Edition is the latest in the Ultima line of vehicles, which is a further development of the breed, and it includes all the enhancements that have been designed by Kyosho engineers and tested over the last couple of years by Kyosho International factory drivers like Jared Tebo and legends of the RC world. This type of development, along with the uncompromising manufacturing standards and the vast experience that can only be gained from decades of high-level competition, makes the Ultima RB5 SP2 a strong choice as the car to beat for the 2010 season.

RB5 SP2 New Features:

  • New Revised Rear Suspension Arms – The RB5 SP features rear suspension arms that are 2mm longer than the arms used on the original buggy. The longer arms, combined with other changes made to the rear suspension, give the SP2 better and more consistent traction through the corners and better bump handing, especially on high-bite tracks.
  • Rear Suspension Mounts and Transmission Housing – The lower rear suspension mounts on the chassis are revised to accommodate the longer suspension arms. The IFMAR legal maximum width is maintained by moving the suspension mounts 2mm towards the center of the chassis. The transmission housing is also modified to fit the new suspension mounts. The entire transmission housing has shifted left to cancel any counter torque effect for more precise control!
  • New Sword Body – Chiseled lines combine with smooth, flowing sections to create a body that is not only attractive and boldly styled, it also provides greater down-force in combination with a medium rear wing for increased traction and greater high-speed stability.
  • Medium Size Step Wing – A medium sized step wing is included with the new Ultima RB5 SP2 for better overall control.”

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