Shepherd Dominates French 1/10 Nats Rd2


Shepherd reports – “Last week-end the second round of the French National 1/10 On-Road Championship was held Nantes in the West of the Country. With 27 entries in Elite class and 60 entries in National class, it was a really good participation. The qualification was very tight and saw A. Bertin taking the TQ in front of T. Eytard, Maxime Favrelle (Velox V10) and B.Concialdi who took the last ticket for the direct final. Also Shepherd driver Thomas Desmaries had a good performance finishing qualifying on 8th position. In the final Favrelle had the best start and managed to increase is lead to1 lap over the rest of the field in the early stage of the race. But his engine stalled after the first half of the race and he lost some time. With an strong and aggressive run Favrelle could manage to recover and take over the lead again just a few minutes before the end. At this time Desmaries was on 2nd position, but also his engine stalled and he dropped down to 7th postion.

Final Results Elite Class
1. Favrelle, Maxime 173 laps 45:07,22 Velox V10
2. Concialdi, Basile 172 laps 45:06,88
3. Eytard, Thomas 172 laps 45:08,75
4. Renaux, Jérôme 172 laps 45:09,27
5. Bruyer, Anthony 171 laps 45:04,85
6. Pontal, Mickaël 171 laps 45:04,90
7. Desmaries, Thomas 171 laps 45:21,37 Velox V10
8. Bertin, Adrien 121 laps 35:40,48
9. Bourrillon, Frédéric 110 laps 31:51,83
10. Mouton, Jacky 62 laps 16:50,98″