DNX408 Radio Tray Details Revealed


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“The Team Durango DNX408 has a revolutionary radio tray which spy shots can’t show properly, so here are the first offical pictures. The radio tray in set into the chassis for lowest centre of gravity, with only five screws holding it in place, it’s easy to slide the whole assembly out of the side of the car.

  • Both servos are laid down and sit below the surface of the chassis again for lowest CofG
  • The RX battery is also sunk in the chassis for lowest CofG and is centrally mounted at the rear of the car.
  • The receiver itself is the only thing that sits high in the car, above the throttle servo.
  • The RX box is fitted louver type vents to keep the receiver cool in the hottest conditions and there is a removable cover to seal it up again when there’s water about

Is low centre of gravity and narrow chassis that important on a buggy??? – You bet it is.
Ever caught a rut mid corner and got into barrel roll, ever landed out of line and got into a tank slapper – the chances of getting into problems are minimised when the car is lower and narrower, it just can’t get out of shape as easily. So that means you can push it harder without it biting back, you can get away with more, you won’t have to pay for every mistake; at the end of a 40min race you will be closer to the front.”

Team Durango