Riccardo Rabitti Wins Italian 10th Nat Rd1


LRP reports – At the weekend of 27-28th March the 1st round of the most popular touring car series got underway in Italy, the UISP championship. With over 100 drivers attending in every round, the UISP is regarded as the most popular and prestigious electric touring car championship in Italy. The 1st round of the championship that took place was an indoor carpet race. In the electric modified class, LRP driver Riccardo Rabitti was running the complete LRP power package with LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind brushless motor, LRP SXX TC spec speed control and LRP LiPo Hardcase 5900 – 50C “Competition Car Line”.
Riccardo got off to a great start in his 2010 1/10th electric touring car season by out-dominating the large field of drivers by taking both TQ and winning all 3 A-mains with big margin. Also in the Sport class (biggest class in Italy) Riccardo´s father impressed by finishing in 3rd overall with LRP electronics. Congratulations to both Rabittis! This is what Riccardo Rabitti had to say about his race weekend: “All the present drivers were really impressed about my performance. The 5.5T Octa-Wind motor was SUPER, with low temperatures and the same constant performance from the start to the end of each final!” LRP