X – 6 Squared Kit Almost Here


“The X – 6 Squared Entire Car will be shipping to dealers all over the world starting April 10,” said X Factory president Chazz. “And we will put it on our web site for retail selling April 12. We finally have a definite date from the printer for the instruction manuals, so we’ve put the color version of the 86-page manual on line now, which can be found here.” “All the parts are in stock, in bags, and ready to go; we will begin putting Kits in boxes April 2nd. When the manuals arrive, all we have to do is put them in the boxes, seal them up, put the label on, and out the door.” Chazz continued, “We finished the manual last week and took it to the printer. As usual, when we saw the proof there were two of three things that needed correction. In the meantime, a customer of the printer’s much bigger than us brought him a massive job, and he had to put us on hold until after Easter. So we re-check the new proof Monday noon and, if all is well, pick up completed manuals Friday. That’s as fast as it can happen.” As you can see, dealers will be shipped first, so the quickest way to get a complete new X – 6 Squared is through your local hobby store. www.xfactoryrc.com