New Schumacher Tyre’s


“Further to their announcement of Graham Alsop joining Schumacher on a 1/8th tyre deal they can now announce as promised full details of their range of 1/8th tyres. They have been working very hard over the winter months and early spring time to provide their most comprehensive 1/8th Buggy tyre range. With knowledge gained by hours of testing provided by high level drivers and Schumacher Engineers these new tyres are sure to be a hit! Graham has been providing some great testing results against the competition, which have now been put into practice at the recent BRCA National warmup race at Frankley (UK) over the last weekend. With (they believe) all ‘A’ finalists using Schumacher tyres in either MINI Pin or MINI Spike format. 

1 – Craig Drescher
2 – Elliot Boots
3 – Neil Cragg
4 – Graham Alsop
5 – Jon Howells
6 – David Bailey
7 – Anthony Potter
8 – John Holmes
9 – Stewart Wilcox
10 – Kevin Brunsden
11 – Joe Adams
12 – Jon Hazlewood
13 – Richard Barton
14 – Matthew Lewis”

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