New CORE RC UAC-40 Universal Digital Charger


“The CORE RC Universal Digital Charger UAC-40 is a multifunction balance and rapid charger/discharger controlled by a high performance microprocessor.¬†Multi voltage input of 240/110v AC (UK 3 pin lead) or 12v DC with compatibility with all types of batteries including Lipo, (1s-6s) Li-lon, NiMH & NiCd, (1-15cells) Pb and LiFE. Fast charging up to 5 amps, discharging, balancing, cycling and much more….you won’t need any other charger!!! Find Out More…


  • Input voltage: AC110V-240V, DC 11V-18V
  • Charge current: 0.1-5A, 0.1A step
  • Discharge current: 0.1-1A, 0.1A step
  • Nicd/NiMH Cells: 1-15Cell
  • Li-Ion/Li-Po/Li-Fe Cells: 1-6Cell
  • Lead-acid (Pb):2-20V
  • Balance: 2-6Cells
  • Case: Black aluminium
  • Display: 16×2 character LCD
  • Dimension: 135mm X 125mm X 34mm
  • Max Charging: 50Watts
  • Max Discharging: 5Watts”