LRP Wins Italian Indoor Championship!


LRP reports – “At the weekend of 13-14th March the Italian Indoor Championship took place with LRP driver Federico Sala in top form! The Italian indoor championship took place on a huge racing hall with a big indoor race track layout. As always on big racing tracks, the electronic equipment is for all drivers a very important factor for a successful racing weekend. With the all new VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind brushless motors and SXX TC spec speed control, all LRP drivers were well prepared for the highlight of the Italian indoor season! The hand-out tyre for the Italian indoor championship was the new LRP CPX indoor/CPX tyre. After the successful DHI Cup, where the CPX tyre proved to be working perfectly, the CPX tyre was chosen as the control tyre for the most important race of the Italian indoor season! In the race it was LRP driver Federico Sala who dominated the event. Federico had his car perfect setup with the CPX tyres and LRP Top Grip 2 additive and could take a comfortable TQ after winning 4 out of 5 qualification rounds. In the finals Federico continued his domination by securing the Italian championship title already after the first 2 finals and setting the fastest lap of the whole event!” LRP