LRP TCM 2010 – Countdown


LRP reports – “Drivers and fans! You do not have to wait much longer for this years edition of the prestigious LRP Touring Car Masters. From March 26th to 28th 2010 you will experience three days full of action packed racing from the worlds best drivers. From the beginning in the 80s to today the event – since 1995 called Touring Car Masters – has developed into one of the biggest and most competitive touring car races worldwide. For the 13th time in a row the MSC Eppelheim club is the host of the race, therefore this years edition of the TCM will again take place in Eppelheim (near Heidelberg) in the Rhein-Neckar-Halle. All important dates for the LRP TCM 2010:

Date: 26.-28. March 2010
Location: Rhein-Neckar-Halle in Eppelheim (near Heidelberg)
Timetable: Friday – Training (13:00-23:00 o’clock)
Saturday – Qualification (8:30-22:15 o’clock)
Sunday – Finals (9:00-16:45 o’clock)
More detailed timetable you find here »HERE!

Star line-up of the international R/C car elite! Among this years drivers for the TCM will be a who-is-who of the international R/C car elite. Numerous World Champions and world championship finalists and other superstar drivers will fight for the victory and honour. Except for the WC, no other race in the world is attended by this many of the worlds best drivers. IFMAR World Champion and 5 time TCM winner Marc Rheinard will be the man everybody wants to beat as Marc himself is looking to defend his last years title.
His competitors are many and all will be fighting for the honour of standing on top of the podium at the TCM 2010. Fresh new European Champion and winner of the DHI Cup 2010 Ronald Völker, 1/12 European Champion Juho Levänen, shooting-star Christer Andersson and many many more drivers will be looking for the win. All the way from Japan, the TCM will be attended by World Champions Atsushi Hara and Naoto Matsukura, Shinosuke Adachi and Hayato Matsuzaki. Exciting and close racing is therefore anticipated at the end of March.

Action next to the track!

It is not only the race itself that makes the LRP TCM a very special and successful event! Also next to the track there is a lot of action! In the entrance hall the LRP show stand presents the latest RC models and cars for everyone to see in action or to test themselves. Multiple cars, big car jumps, crawling, on road racing, off-road racing etc is on show the whole weekend. At this years TCM everybody will get the possibility to see a Formula racing car live, built by the worlds best student team of constructing formula cars! The Stuttgart “Student formula team” is visiting the TCM and will show everybody their latest Formula race car! The team from Stuttgart will be present to show off their car and explain the process of building, racing and developing. Don’t miss this opportunity to check out the special Formula racing car!

Masters and LRP-HPI-Challenge
Like every year, parallel to the Masters class, there is the LRP-HPI challenge, the biggest race series in Germany. 4 classes Rookie Challenge, Classic, Formula 1, 17.5T and 13.5T. All the top drivers from the Challenge classes all around Germany meet together with international drivers, this year’s race proves to be the race of the year! In the following classes the participants will be battling for the victory:

• Masters Class TC Modified
• Open Stock Class (LRP 13.5T Brushless / LiPo)

In 2010 both classes will for the first time at the TCM, only allow LiPo batteries to be used!

Furthermore will the LRP-HPI-Challenge be run at the LRP TCM 2010, with the respective rules from for each of the classes:

  • LRP-HPI 17.5T-Challenge
  • LRP-HPI Formel 1-Challenge
  • LRP-HPI Classic-Challenge
  • LRP-HPI Rookie-Challenge

New Action Packed Racing Format
The TCM 2010 will see a number of different changes that promise to give everybody more action packed racing! We will present you a completely new racing format that will give all the drivers and specatators a fantastic show and a racing experience you have never had before!

  • The following completely new changes are incorporated into the racing format for 2010 TCM:
  • New Time Schedule – Practice starts earlier = 13.00 o´clock and includes all classes, including all LRP-HPI-Challenge class together with Masters class.
  • New Friday Practice Format – 4 rounds of 5 min practice in heats for all classes, including LRP-HPI-Challenge. Round 3-4 will be timed and used for re-sorting the heats going into qualifying. The best 5 consecutive lap times will be used for the re-seeding. All practice will be run and finished on Friday.
  • New Qualifying Format – 5 rounds of qualifying – 2 count by points. All qualifying rounds will be run and finished on Saturday.
  • New Final Format – 2 under-finals for all classes, from B final and down.
  • New Bump-up system – fastest time of the driver from the lower finals gets the last spot on the A-main grid.
  • A-Final Shoot-Out Time! – All A-mains will be run one after the other for a big A-main showdown, directly after the 2 lower finals have been completed for all classes, and our bump-up driver is announced. Giving the spectators a real exciting final showdown and the drivers 3 hours of demanding A-main racing action.
  • Less Entries – The maximum entry list is cut down this year from 27 heats to 20 heats – ensuring we can offer all attending racers more track time, less waiting and more fun!
  • Racing ends earlier on Sunday – As many of our racers have a long way to travel, the racing will stop at 17.00 on Sunday afternoon giving everybody a little more time to enjoy the price giving ceremony.

This new format gives the racers more track time and more action packed racing than any other TCM before.

LRP TCM 2010 – Live Coverage!
You can´t be on-site? No problem, LRP will do a live race coverage from which you can participate directly at home! We offer you all the information and impressions on the specially released homepage – just as if you are with us in the hall.

  • Like in the past you will find:
  • Live results
  • All the latest information
  • Pictures from the race and pits
  • Driver interviews
  • Timetables
  • Starter lists
  • Guest book
  • Videos from TCM
  • TCM defending champions etc.
  • Vote also online your favourite driver to win the TCM 2010!”

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