LRP Dominates 1/12th European Champ


LRP reports – “After LRP´s successful 1/10th Indoor European Championship last week, where LRP took the top 2 places in style, it was time for another fantastic weekend for LRP at the 1/12th EFRA European Championship! The EFRA 1/12th European Championship took place the 4-7th March in Hinckley (near Birmingham), England. With most of the European 1/12th class elite drivers attending, the racing promised intense and competitive competition. LRP, as always for a prestigious EFRA European Championship race, came well prepared both with support, newly developed products (LRP LiPo 1S – 5400), as well as world class factory team drivers. The LRP team consisted of European Champion Ronald Völker, Juho Levänen, Alexander Hagberg, Olly Jeffries, Freddy Südhoff and Daniel Sieber supported by LRP´s own Andreas Myrberg. After the successful European Championship last year, where Hupo Hönigl won the meeting with LRP power, LRP was nothing else but looking for a repeat of last years successful event. As practice got underway on the big, but still very technical track, the LRP drivers emerged directly as the top candidates for the overall win. The LRP power proved to be outstanding as soon as the drivers hit the track, with the drivers using our all new VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 4.0T motors as well as some drivers preferring the normal VECTOR X12 4.0T. On the speedo side the drivers used either the standard SXX Competition or the all new SXX Stock Spec speed control with the modified power profile. The reason why modified drivers choose the SXX Stock Spec speed control, is due to the revolutionary “TwinBEC” – which gives constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V – 7.4V batteries. Therefore the drivers using the SXX Stock Spec speed control didn´t need to use any receiver battery.

As qualification got underway it was a fight between the LRP trio Ronald Völker, Juho Levänen and Olly Jeffries. Through all the qualification rounds it was an impressive display of racing between these three drivers, with the drivers never split by only a few seconds. At the end it was Juho Levänen who could hold on to his TQ position which he had hold from the first round, in front of Ronald Völker who took 2nd position on the last round and running the all new LRP LiPo 1S-5400 Competition Car Line, with Olly Jeffries in 3rd position only 2 sec after Juho. Complete LRP top 3 lock-out after qualification on a European Championship! As the 3 Modified A-finals got started it was no longer a fight between the top 3 drivers from qualification, but a complete dominant performance between TQ Juho Levänen and Ronald Völker. The drama was on from the word GO in the first final. As the first final got underway it was Juho ahead of Ronald cruising away from the rest of the pack. With a few minutes into the race, Juho made a costly mistake that let Ronald into the lead. With only a few meters between the leaders Ronald was still looking for a safe and comfortable win. However you should never underestimate a finn! Going into the last lap, Juho put in a late last charge on a slowing Ronald and was able to overtake Ronald on the straight and into the lead only 2 corners from the finish line!

2nd final got underway with Juho making a mistake and letting Ronald once again up into the lead. However this time Ronald had no desire to let Juho back into the lead, and he drove safely and without any mistakes to the finish line in 1st place 1.5 sec ahead of Juho. This gave Juho and Ronald one win each going into the last and decisive modified final. After the dramatic of the previous finals, the 3rd final was a more relaxed and controlled race. TQ driver Juho Levänen, who made a costly mistakes in the 2nd final was determined to keep his line without any mistakes this time around. And this is exactly what he did. Juho Levänen led from the start to the finish line to win ahead of Ronald Völker, again finishing at 2nd place with Olly Jeffries finally getting out of badluck to back-up his great qualification to finish 3rd in the last final. This result gave Juho Levänen and LRP the overall win after dominating the qualification and finals. This was Juho Levänen´s 1st EFRA 1/12th European Championship title and 3rd EFRA title all together. Congratulations Juho!” LRP