Nick Simpson Joins Alpha Plus


“Answer-RC are pleased to confirm that Nick Simpson will be running the Alpha plus range of engines for 2010 at the UK nationals and a variety of club meetings. Nick has been testing these since the samples first landed and so far has been stunned by the performance they offer. Nick is no slow coach and has been running a variety of top level motors since coming to 1/8th off road since he was a 1/10th Serpent driver. Nick has run all three of the race .21s and found that he has every track catered for in the Alpha Plus Range. Nicks performances in 2010 so far have been impressive for a man with only 1 seasons rally cross experience and he is sure to be getting quicker throughout the year. He has been testing heavily at a number of tracks even though the awful British weather we have been having of late and really showing his dedication to Alpha. Welcome aboard and here’s to a cracking `10 season.” Answer-RC