All New Vector X-12 “OCTA Wind” Motors!


“Instead of four winds, the new X12 “OCTA wind” motors from LRP feature an 8-time (OCTA) winding. An increase in the number of copper wires within the motor, results in lower resistance. The effect is a different power characteristic for higher performance, and the low heat development of the OCTA wind motors equals less energy loss resulting in higher efficiency. For an R/C driver that means more power to the drive train. The Vector X12 OCTA wind’s design includes a fully adjustable and replaceable PreciSensor™ system. This type of precision-sensor positioning system provides more torque, throttle response, and efficiency. Constructed of two main parts with only four screws, the X-12 OCTA wind is easy to work on and lets the racer access and replace the rotor while the motor is still in the car. It also features an all-new sintered 12.5mm magnet graded on a new strengthened shaft to further optimize the motor’s performance, efficiency, and mid-range torque.”