Fasttracks Ice Berg Series Rd1


Yesterday saw the first round of the Fasttracks league, Abe-Racing reports – “ABE-Racing Drivers Andy Bird and Gareth Williams both ran their Team Powers LIPO’s and 10.5 TP Motors. Andy and Gareth made adjustments to the motors throughout the night to find the best timing for the motor’s using various ESC settings. Gareth tried 4 degree’s timing while Andy run 2 degrees Advanced timing finding minimal difference between their Laps times with only 0.05 secs between their best lap times. Andy ran on the LRP CPX 30’s tyres and set the fastest lap of the night, but changed to different tyres for the final having qualified in 2nd place behind Gareth. The final started and both Gareth and Andy ended up being crashed out on the 2nd corner after being tagged by back markers and had push hard to catch up with the rest of the pack. Andy recovered to get the win on 31 Laps with Gareth in 2nd place on 30 Laps. Both commented the Team Powers motor proved extremely good and reliable and they looking forward to other events using the Team Powers Products.” Abe Racing