New XFactory C-CVD’s


“Many X – 6 and 6 Squared owners have wanted a genuine M.I.P. C-CVD kit with the special X Factory axles and it is here at last. X Factory #5800 is made for us by M.I.P. and contains two complete C-CVDs per package. C-CVD is the great new unit where the drive pin is Captured by a screw-on plastic ring instead of being secured with a set screw. The unit is far more reliable because the pin is captured and there is no set screw to back off, ending your race. X Factory’s new C-CVD features the longer axles used on the X-6 & 6Sq with the correct spacer that allows full droop on the X-Car. Fine hobby stores should have them in stock now, and they are on the X Factory store too.” XFactory