BRCA Micro Nationals Rd4 Report


UK- MicroRC has published their report from the fourth round of the BRCA Micro Nationals which can be found here. “Once again EMS Racing’s Danny Conway walked the 2WD qualifying with his “2WD” LRP Shark ST and looked set to wrap up his easily won Championship in the finals. Thomas Graham and TrakPower’s Craig Harris tussled for 2nd place on the grid throughout the day with Thomas’ homemade 2WD taking the spot in front of Craig’s near standard ZT2. Mark Everitt’s 2WD Shark kept the challenges of both Gavin Stephenson and Tekin’s Dan Osborne at bay to take 4th place whilst Trackside Spare’s Luke Knight, running a NiMh powered ZT2, ventured outside the Welsh border to qualify in 7th overall. Cris Oxley, John Timberlake and Michael Spindley rounded out the 2WD top 10.”