HongNor wins Trifecta at Tuesday Night Nats


“With well over 100 entries Tuesday Night at Hot Rod Hobbies in Santa Clarita CA. HongNor/Jammin team driver Chad Bradley pulled off the trifecta winning and TQing all 3 classes he entered in Tuesday night with his HongNor/Jammin equipment! Chad raced 1/8 Truck, Buggy and Mod 4wd Short Course. Chad’s TQ runs for 1/8 Truck and Buggy came from round 1 of qualifying, in the Short Course class Jeremy Kortz TQed round 1 and Chad took the TQ time by 1 second in round 2. The 1/8 Truck main, Chad lead from the start and never looked back with his HongNor/Jammin X2 CRT, the main was 10min long and he completed it without a pit stop. The 1/8 Buggy main went similar to the 1/8 Truck main, however Chad had some pressure early on from Hyper driver Scott Wagner, Jeremy Kortz got a bad start in the begging keeping him from the up front battle between Wagner and Bradley. Chad ended up winning with his HongNor/Jammin X2-CR by a half lap over Scott Wagner and Jeremy Kortz rounding out the 3rd Spot both driving Hyper 9 2.0. The highlight of the night was the 6min Short Course main between Chad and Jeremy, qualifying was so close it was bound to be a good race between the two Ofna drivers.

The start of the Short Course main Chad lead off the start, Jeremy took the lead from Chad on the 2nd lap however it was short lived till Jeremy left the door open around the next corner, Chad was able to squeeze to the inside and lead for the next few minutes. Passing started getting rough between Bradley and Kortz with only a couple minutes remaining in the Short Course main event, Jeremy blasted Chad at the end of the front strait however Chad was able to still hold the lead and a few laps later Jeremy passed Chad clean before the triple jump, upon landing the triple jump Chad made an aggressive move on Jeremy (he gave him a punt and an over the roof move), from then on out Chad lead till the end. Congratulations Chad!! Check out the videos for the race!”

Expert 1/8 Buggy –
1st & TQ Chad Bradley (HongNor/Jammin X2-CR).
2nd Scott Wagner (Hyper 9 2.0)
3rd Jeremy Kortz (Hyper 9 2.0)
Report: HongNor