“Ellis Stafford” X – 62 Championship Edition


X Factory is proud to announce a special “Ellis Stafford” Championship Edition X – 62 Conversion Kit has been shipped to dealers in U.K and France. This limited edition Kit celebrates Ellis fantastic back-to-back BRCA 2WD National championship titles and TQ at the 2009 Euros. Now customers have the chance to buy the car that closely represents that which Ellis uses with all the optional tuning and cosmetic parts found on the champions buggy; however only one limited run batch of 50 of these special kits has been produced, so customers must act quickly before they are gone.. The buggy brings together all the standard features of the X6 Squared that have made the car so successful all over the world, including the mid motored concept, 4 gear transmission, LIPO-friendly one piece chassis design and many more unique features too.” Find Out More @ www.xfactorystore.com