New Serpent 733 Rear End Stiffner


New Serpent 733  Rear End Stiffner

Serpent has announced the release of their new rear end stiffner for the 733 – “For Serpent 733, a precision machined aluminium, anodised rear end stiffner. To be mounted between the rear brackets and the legs of the lower engine mont support/chassis stiffner. The long screws replace the ones as standard in the car, mounted from the top. The short csh ones are mounted from the lower side, through the chassis. This option offers an extra possibility to play with the rear end flex of the Serpent 733. The extended legs of the lower engine-mount bracket already offer some possibilities for that as well, by using the screws or not. This new brackets sits a little bit higher in the car and thus has a larger effect on the rear end flex as well. It will also increase rear end rigidness, to in case of a rear end crash, the chassis will be less prone to bending.” Team Serpent