New Team Manager for Caster Racing USA


New Team Managerfor Caster RacingUSA

“Jonathan Hernandez has been promoted to West Coast Team Manager for the 2010 season for Caster Racing USA. Jonathan has proven his capabilities on and off the track to not only represent himself as a good leader and strong racer, but a person who is beginning to build a west coast division that will be a force for the other manufacturers to deal with in the next several months. Jonathan has helped with some of the research and development of the Fusion line and has also gained respect for the Caster name out in the California area. Mike Mazza was quoted as saying that Jonathan is perfect for the position because he is fast on the track and is one of the first guys to help out at the track and also showcase our products in a positive light.

I have even gotten some calls from people representing other brands saying he has brought Caster to their attention and they were surprised as to how far forward we have moved the ball in the past year. Earlier this year, Jonathan went to the 2nd annual Labor Day Shootout and won the dash for cash against most of the big names in RC. Recently, he was at the Turkey shootout at NorCal and was on the podium. We know that he will just keep getting better for the 2010 season and he is working on growing the west coast to be big. So if you think you have what it takes and you live west of the Mississippi River, contact Jonathan Hernandez.” Caster Racing