CML Winter Series – Round 3


CML Winter Series - Round 3

CML reports – “The 3rd round of the CML Winter Series at Frankley Model Car Club turned into a Reedy domination. The track started out damp and slippery, and in those conditions National Champion Neil Cragg was untouchable, gliding his RC8B around the challenging Frankley track with a deft touch that left the opposition trailing in rounds 1 and 2. The third and final round of qualifying saw a change in conditions as the track dried out and the traction improved greatly giving the drivers a new problem of grip roll. This was made particularly difficult as the cars had been set up soft to generate traction in the slippery conditions of the morning. Again it was Neil Cragg who made the best of the conditions, albeit by less than a second from Reedy powered Richard Taylor. Associated/Reedy man Craig Drescher was 3 seconds back in 3rd.” Read More…