It’s Official, Byron is the Best!


It's Official, Byron is the Best!

CML reports – “Byron are proud to announce that Byron RACE 1600 Gen2 has been chosen as the official fuel for the 2010 IFMAR Sedan Worlds to be held in Houston, Texas. In a statement released this week, Marc Jensen of Byron said: In most parts of the world, our most popular 16% competition fuel is ProDriver 1600 with a 9% oil content. Houston, Texas could present some unusual humidity and temperature problems particularly in July, so we followed the IFMAR recommendation of our regular RACE 1600 Gen2 with 12% oil content. We are making this announcement early so you can better plan your orders for 2010. There may a be slight increase in demand for RACE 1600 Gen2 next year so if you know of or have any on-road drivers in your area who are qualified for the Sedan Worlds, or you use the fuel yourself, it may be worth ordering your Byron fuel now. As European distributors of Byron Fuel CML Distribution welcome this great news for Byron. If you’ve not tried Byron Gen2 in your nitro RC car yet then it may be time to make the switch!” CML