Olly’s 1:12 Blog – Part 3



CML reports – “CML and Team Associated driver Olly Jefferies shares his experiences in 1/12th scale racing over the weekend and talks about making the jump to Lipo power. Due to the fact it was the first win for a Lipo powered modified car my victory at Newbury has been well documented and I have to say from a personal point of view it was a very pleasing win. A lot has been made of the fact I used LiPo, some saying my car was really quick, but there was more to it than just pace. So why go the LiPo route? Well necessity really. I was short on high run time cells and it seemed a natural direction to take, plus sometimes taking a different approach can cause the opposition to take their eye off the ball a little as they are looking over your shoulder at what you are doing to a certain degree. I also suffered at round one of the nationals at Crewe and let a win slip through my fingers when a cell failed in the pack I was using. If I am going to be a contender for this years title I can’t afford to throw points away like that. Luckily the likely contenders for this years title Andy Moore and Elliott Harper were missing at Crewe so it was not that much of a disaster. However, I did loose ground to other front runners such as Andy Griffiths and Chris Kerswell, so coming into Newbury I did feel a little on the back foot.” Read More…