New Titanium Racing Super Spool’s


New Titanium Racing Super Spools

“Manufactured from aero grade 7075T6 Alloy body with replaceable high impact Delrin outdrives with integrated sleeves, our latest spool features a new interlocking radial drive system which reduces loadings on the outdrives resulting less deformation under load. The radial drive system produces a more direct and equalised load around the circumference of the outdrive reducing potential stress areas on the spool, the bearings and ultimately the bulkheads making for a more efficient transmission of power. With the ever increasing performance of modern Touring cars the new arrangement features increased diameter outdrive cups making them significantly stronger than previous designs. The outdrives are now secured into place with Titanium Countersunk screws ensuring a lightweight solid and concentric unit with better balance for reduced losses at higher RPM’s. The new super spool is available in titanium colour for the following models:

  • Schumacher Mi3 and Mi4
  • Tamiya 416
  • Top Photon
  • MR4 BD5
  • Hot Bodies Cyclone
  • Associated TC5

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