ISC Speed Records Crushed


ISC Speed Records Crushed

“The latest ISC straight line speed event at Auto Club Dragway was a record smashing success! Top speed obsessed competitors traveled from as far away as Louisiana and Florida to push the envelope for two whole days of intense speed running. The Auto Club drag strip was long, smooth and most importantly—FAST. The ISC would like to congratulate our 2009 Ultimate Speed Run class winners and new straight line speed record holders:

Open; 154.43 Nic Case
Electric Modified: 126.50 mph New Record Tim Smith
Electric Stock 2WD: 101.61 mph New Record Tim Smith
Electric Stock 4WD: 71.36 mph New Record Shawn Palmer
IC Open: 97.75 mph New Record Mark Davidson
IC Big Block: 101.46 mph New Record Jason Anderson
IC Small Block 2WD: 85.12 mph New Record Gary O’Connor
IC Small Block 4WD: 89.95mph New Record Bernard Heredia
Large Scale: 97.96 mph New Record Bernard Heredia
Mini: 87.98 mph New Record TJ Kendall
Open Wheel: 81.75 mph New Record Beau Ramelot
Motorcycle: 92.32 mph New Record Lito Reyes

The ISC also inducted the following individuals as new lifetime members of the 100mph club, and were awarded an official 100mph club hat:
Tim Smith 126.50 mph
Richard Tompkins 121.43 mph
Paul Caruso 119.20 mph
Brian Sigsworth 112.14 mph
Brian Pohlman 103.23 mph
Tim Smith 101.61 mph
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph
Marc Davidson 101.24 mph

The ISC wishes to thank each and every participant of this great event, our presenting sponsor Speed Passion, and our supporting sponsors: A Main, Castle, Schumacher USA, RC Driver, Grand Motorsports, and Neu Motors.

We’ll see you again in 2010, so BRING IT.”