New X Factory Box ‘O Bolts


New X Factory Box 'O Bolts

X Factory announces a new product, The Box ‘O Bolts, with a cool box and 18 different sizes of 4-40 and 2-56 fasteners. 150 fasteners in all + the box. The Box ‘O Bolts has fasteners that work with any R/C car, boat, or plane which uses 4-40 U.S. fasteners. It contains multiples of lots of different sizes and types. Included are the 5 most popular sizes of cap heads, 4 frequently used flat heads, 3 button heads, #4 nuts, #4 locking nuts, #4 mini nuts, #4 washers, and the little 2-56 screws you are always losing that hold in AE hinge pins + the little 2-56 flat heads for the bottom cover of an X – 5 or xxx-4. That’s 18 different sizes, 150 fasteners in all. And the handy box has 18 compartments, with dividers for all, so your bolts and nuts will stay separated. Two hinges and two clasps keep the lid on tight. The size, 6 ½” X 3 ½” fits nicely into your pit box. Each size and type is packaged in its own small bag with a label so you can easily tell the size of each item and put them into the box in whatever order you wish. Especially in areas where it’s hard to find U.S. fasteners, the Box ‘O Bolts is perfect! Don’t ever let your day end early with a stripped or lost fastener again. ” XFactory