New MicroCute Q2 1/18 4wd Chassis


New MicroCute Q2 18 4wd Chassis

“The new MicroCute Q2 is a unique 1/18 micro-sized, belt-drive 4WD model racing car that is the epitome of a high-performance micro racing car. The Q2 offers highest performance, responsive handling, and traditionally exceptional MicroCute quality, engineering, and design. Based on the legendary old first design platform, MicroCute presents the improved and refined Q2 redesigned with high-performance racing in mind. The Q2 progressive design embodies an enhanced driving experience…from the purpose-built performance chassis… to the unique revolutionary MF Technology top deck… to the externally-adjustable ball diffs… to the race-oriented wheel mounting system. The Q2 was borne from racing to challenge your racing skills on any track.” Find Out More… [Source –]