Guinness Certifies Nic Case’s Speed Record


Guinness Certifies Nic Cases Speed Record

“Nic and his extended Schumacher Mi3.5 Streamliner have received an enormous amount of press since his record breaking run at the ISC Speed Run event in Rockingham NC last fall. He has been featured in Popular Science and YouTube videos of his two world record runs combine for nearly 1.5 million views! This official certification comes just weeks before Nic and his extended Schumacher Mi3.5 will campaign again at the ISC’s Ultimate Speed Run at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana CA ( The Schumacher speed team will also feature Jerome Head with his Mi3.5 Race, and Shawn Palmer with his Mi3.5 Race and Mi4 entries. “Nic is very precise and complete in his preparation efforts, and his energy along with an encyclopedia of publicly shared speed running information has the Schumacher team running with a high level of excited anticipation for this event. And at the speeds we’re shooting for, the quality, precision and consistency of our Schumacher cars give us a huge competitive edge.” – Schumacher USA Sales Manager Shawn Palmer- Our hats are off to Nic for all his hard work and dedication to reach the Official Guinness World Record speeds he has attained so far. Thank you from all of us at Schumacher, and good luck in Fontana!” Schumacher Racing