JC Tyre Review – Crowbars


JC Tyre Review - Crowbars

Myrcbox.com has published a short review of the JConcepts Crowbars which can be found¬†here. “Right after I completed the gluing process, I quickly installed the new tires on my race buggy and headed to the race track. The surface is mainly loose with sand with few compacted sections. This track surface makes tire selections difficult due to the different surfaces. The freshly installed Crowbars hooked well all around the track even on the loose sections, I was surprised. The larger pins located in the center section of the tread give good forward traction while the outer pins add extra side traction for cornering. The inner inserts kept the tires in good shape under hard accelerations and when cornering. The angled pins on the edges of the tires helped a lot to limit traction roll on tight corners.”