New VTEC Pre-Mounted + Glued Wheels



“The new LRP VTEC 30X 1/10 pre-mounted and glued outdoor wheels promises 100% controlled racing. The final answer to unloved cheating possibilities are the semi-transparent “see-through” rims, through which you see the inside of the rims – no cheating possible! No more worries left if any of the racers are cheating with non-allowed or treated inserts to gain an advantage. Every driver has already experienced this situation, but in the past there was no way to prove it or do anything about it.

Now all this is history!! With the new VTEC 30X 1/10 pre-mounted and glued outdoor wheels, LRP releases a 100% controlled wheel for outdoor Touring car racing. Due to the semi-transparent rims the technical inspection can easily control if any illegal or treated inserts are being used. In addition the insert is coloured for even easier inspection. Now, there will be no more doubts! The new VTEC 30X pre-mounted and glued wheels consisting of controlled tyres, controlled rims and controlled inserts, perfectly mounted and glued. Unpack, mount and win – and save a lot of money. The new pre-mounted and glued wheels are sold in a set of 4 at a significantly lower price than the previous models (VTEC 30R). The new LRP VTEC 30X outdoor pre-mounted and glued wheels will be the handout tyre at the upcoming EFRA European Championships 2009 in Luxembourg. At the LRP-HPI-Challenge the VTEC 30X will be the controlled tyre for all outdoor races of the 2009/2010 season.

New VTEC Pre-Mounted + Glued Wheels

• Semi transparent rim (you can see the insert) for perfect scrutineering
• New impact-resistant material – keeps the wheels stable and round
• Special lightweight material
• New white inserts featuring constant hardness
• For 1/10 asphalt racing
• Sold in a set of 4
Available from August 2009!

New VTEC Pre-Mounted + Glued Wheel

Design your wheels!
Great news for all design fans as well. The LRP VTEC wheel stickers for LRP VTEC 1/10 pre-mounted and glued wheels and true spin rims are available at your distributor now. With the new wheel stickers you can pimp the styling of your car easily to new dimensions and impress your competitors in the pits and on the track! For an easy and fast styling the VTEC wheel stickers come pre-cut, even the wheel hubs are already cut. Each sticker sheet includes 12 wheel stickers, for 3 sets of tyres.” LRP