NT1 XCA Clutch Set – High Dynamic


NT1 XCA Clutch Set - High Dynamic

“All new from XRAY are their High-dynamic Centrifugal-Axial (XCA) clutch set. This complete clutch set includes redesigned components which create a more dynamic clutch engagement suitable for most racing conditions. Included are a super-lightweight flywheel, new black reinforced clutch flyweights, new smaller and super lightweight clutchbell, smaller diameter yellow clutch shoe, new medium-hardness clutch spring, and new alu clutch disc. All components were designed and long-term tested by the factory racing team. Provides a complex set of optimum, high-dynamic clutch characteristics.

Features –

• New High-dynamic XRAY XCA Clutch Set
• Redesigned components
• Stronger flyweights give increase power
• More dynamic clutch engagement
• Suitable for most racing conditions
• Long-term tested”

[Source – teamxray.com]