New Mi4 Options – Wishbones & Yokes


New Mi4 Options - Wishbones & Yokes

Schumacher are pleased to announce these new option parts for the Mi4 (will also to fit Mi3/Mi3.5). The Schumacher design team and Schumacher’s high level development drivers like Chris Grainger have been testing and refining these items over the last few months. The new wishbones are shorter and stiffer than the current kit items. These features enable the car to have more corner speed and traction under almost all track conditions. Resulting in lower lap times!!! (Overall car width should be kept the same by increasing washers at the pivot block by 1mm). These are available in both Carbon Fibre material for the high end racer and Medium Flex for improved impact absorption. Also available are these Xtra Flex front caster blocks. Once again to aid front end tuning these will give more steering compared to the Medium Flex ones (U3748) Schumacher released a few months ago, and the standard kit items! (U2737).” [Source –]

New Mi4 Options - Wishbones & Yokes3