NT1 Wins Swedish Cup R1



Xray reports – “The first round of the Swedish Cup with 1:10 and 1:8 GP cars was held in Växjö, southern Sweden, on a flowing yet fast asphalt course. In attendance were myself, current Swedish champion Magnus Vässmar, former Swedish champions and Euros finalists Mikael Fransson and Per-Ola Hard amongst others. The race was run in dry conditions even though the temperature was surprisingly low. This was my first race with the NT1, and after only 2 days of practice back home I felt confident that I could do well at this race. I brought Niclas Nilsson as a mechanic. Even though I am lacking experience in nitro racing I had no problem finding the right setup for the car. I received some valuable help to setup my engine, clutch and 2-speed from some other helpful racers, Klas Runesson, the mechanic of Magnus Vässmar, proved to be extremely helpful and made sure that my equipment was in perfect condition for racing.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]