Fire Devastates GRP Gandini



Neo Buggy has published information regarding a fire which has devastated the GRP Gandini Factory last night (26.05.09) – ” The newspaper reports that the fire broke out in the factory’s boiler room, an off-duty police officer spotted smoke, passed by the front of the building where one of the Gandini owners were, they went together to locate the source of smoke and found a broken window to the Boiler room. The officer raised the alarm to the Fire departments whilst Gandini entered the factory offices, at this stage free from the spreading fire, and managed to rescue documents and some computers. After some time, the heat was too great and much was left inside. The fire crews arrived soon after with all their vehicles, but at this point the fire had spread and had engulfed most of the factory. The article continues, the fire crews had problems sourcing enough water to control the fire, neighbours with water tanks made them available to help to fight the flames. At one point, bright flames shot up into the sky, presumably large amounts of magnesium in the Formula 3 racing car of Felipe Massa on display. Whilst the fire continues to burn, one of the Gandini daughters watches and cries desperately. ” Find Out More… [Source –]