LRP 5300 40C Competition LiPo



“The new LRP 5300 — 40C Hardcase pack is developed to deliver unbelievable power combined with long runtime. In addition to common LRP car batteries with 1C charge rate, the 5300 – 40C (#79868) can be charged with up to 3C charge current to significantly reduce the re-charge time. Featured in a durable hardcase to keep the cells from being damaged during use. At the same time it features a transparent hardcase to see the mechanical cell condition and trick looks. The new LRP LiPo 5300-40C features same dimensions as standard 6-cell Sub-C battery packs and fits in all standard 1/10th scale onroad and offroad cars. The hardcase also features some vertical standard Sub-C cell bulges to securely fit standard Sub-C pre-cutted chassis. So an accurate and firm fitting in each situation is guaranteed.” Find Out More…  [Source –]