T2’008 Dominates Indonesian Championship R1


Xray reports – “The first Indonesia National Championship Series race was held at the newly opened Sunter International Speedway (S.I.S). A total 49 drivers joined this race divided in 3 classes: Touring Modified, Touring Stock 23T and Mini Class. The high traction combined with the layout’s mix of technical sections, chicanes and a long straight, allowed the drivers to push their cars to the limit. During the qualifying heats, the track temperature was very hot. Tyres were often overheating after only 2-3 minutes of runtime. I worked to avoid pushing the car too hard, hoping to avoid overheated tyres and ESC thermal cut-off. In my first qualifying heat, only 2 cars were able to finish while others mostly experienced ESC thermal cut-off. Sadikin make a good run but experienced motor problems because of the hot weather. Dani make consistent 18 laps during the heats while Didi encountered some problems with his car. At the end, I was able to make 19 laps to secure TQ position. Total 5 XRAY cars qualified for A-Main finals.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]